Pulp Products

The pulp product pictured on the left protects and provides cushioning during shipping for a lock set. On the right is an example of our full line of wine pulp trays, which are available for UPS and Fed/Ex approved shipping.

High precision thermal formed pulp

The pulp parts pictured encircles the can of film to square the corners and effectively cushion of the product.

FiberCel slush molded pulp

Slush molded pulp like the above pictured protecting this motor are perfect for heavy products.

Precision thermal formed pulp

The above group represent a sampling of the many high precision molded pulp parts that are produced for many industries.

FiberCel slush molded pulp

This transmission pack combines both slush molded pulp and wood to create the base support in bulk containers going to the automotive assembly plant.
Foam Products
We fabricate a wide array
of foam products such as
polyurethane, polyethylene,
polystyrene and polypropylene.
We are an authorized sealed
air distributor/fabricator.
Reusable Products
• Custom plastic corrugated containers

• Bulk plastic containers and totes

• Trade show crates