Types of Reusable Products

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Returnable/Reusable Products

OrCon represents several container manufacturers of integrated returnable, reusable containers and pallets.

Plastic corrugated

Customize your containers and inserts. At OrCon we can die-cut and sonic weld to create exactly what your product requires.

Molded plastic bins and containers

A wide variety of sizes will allow you to customize your reusable packaging system. We can also customize inserts for all containers.

Wood crates and containers

From basic shipping crates to the most elaborate show crates, we'll work with you to design and produce to satisfy your requirements.

ATA cases

ATA cases with inserts such as above can be custom made to properly cushion and store many types of equipment.
Foam Products
We fabricate a wide array
of foam products such as
polyurethane, polyethylene,
polystyrene and polypropylene.
We are an authorized sealed
air distributor/fabricator.
Reusable Products
• Custom plastic corrugated containers

• Bulk plastic containers and totes

• Trade show crates